Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance

Knowing that a security system is functional, operational and performing is a crucial part of any professional security system installation. End users often require maintenance contracts to guarantee system uptime, and European and British Standards mandate maintenance visits for any insurance approved system with police response.

Texecom Cloud’s built-in remote maintenance and Health Check services automate and record the maintenance process, making it easy for installers to offer maintenance contracts and saving unnecessary site visits – adding recurring value to end users and saving installation companies time and money.

The Health Check regularly monitors systems to ensure correct operation. Installers can monitor their entire portfolio of alarm systems, providing peace of mind that all systems are operational, and identifying any issues that may otherwise go undetected.

Access anywhere

Texecom Cloud is always there, always available, wherever and whenever you need it. Accessible through any internet-connected web browser, Texecom Cloud can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. And with the Cloud application software automatically updating with future releases, you’ll never have to update your panel configuration software again.


Texecom Cloud is compatible with Premier Elite systems using Texecom Connect SmartCom or Premier Elite ComIP communications. Requires Premier Elite firmware V4.01 and above (for SmartCom connectivity) or V2.11 and above (for ComIP connectivity).

Manage access

Texecom Cloud gives you complete control over your alarm system portfolio, including safeguards to ensure only the right people have access to the right data.


Engineers are restricted to only view and access security systems that are specific to them. Intelligent and dynamic system labelling tools make controlling, recording and removing engineering access rights to systems simple and straightforward.

On-site programming

Whizz through your on-site programming needs. Texecom Cloud makes system programming simple, quick and easily accessible – so much so, you’ll never want to program from the keypad again.


Want to go even faster? Create your own custom programming templates from previous installations or imported Wintex profiles. Custom templates further reduce the number of programming steps required, guarantee consistency from site-to-site, and eliminate programming errors. 

Custom branding
(Coming soon for Gold level membership)

Your customer, your app, your rules. Take control of the end user experience by adding your logo to the Texecom Connect end user app.

Want to update your company branding? No problem. Changing your branding settings within the Texecom Cloud automatically updates all linked Texecom Connect apps dynamically.

Texecom Cloud puts you in control of your branding, but also gives you the tools to control access to the Texecom Connect app, preventing unauthorised use.

Service Reports & Auto Reporting

Demonstrate to your customers their remote maintenance and service activity. Silver and Gold Membership users have access to formatted service reports that provide authoritative information regarding their system status.


In addition, Gold Membership allows automatic emailing of service reports to either staff members or directly to customers, with fully customisable email content for each individual site. 

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