All professional installation companies, big or small, can now benefit from Texecom Cloud services.


We’ve simplified the membership options and introduced a free membership plan, removing up-front costs and providing instant access to Texecom’s suite of value-adding digital services.


We are continuing to add new features and services to Texecom Cloud, and have some exciting announcements coming shortly regarding our new cloud managed Texecom Connect app and upcoming SmartCom 4G connectivity.


Free membership


20 Employee Logins


Configuration Templates


Flexible Scheduled Maintenance

Health Check


Managed Employee Access

Activity Audit Trail

Premium membership


All the standard features PLUS


Unlimited Employee Logins

Auto Reporting Emails


Connect App Control

(Coming Soon)

Custom Connect App Branding

(Coming Soon) 

Customised Service Reports

Each system managed by Texecom Cloud incurs an annual fee.

We’ve flattened the pricing model for adding systems to Texecom Cloud - and now offer a 3 year system pricing plan to offer even greater value.

Sign up for your free Texecom Cloud account today!

Get ready for the next wave of digital services from Texecom and join the thousands of systems already benefiting from remote cloud management and control.

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